It’s full of Eastern promise (with a pit-stop in Glasgow).

If you’re not from the UK, you might have missed out on the joy of Scottish comic Brian Limond’s well-loved podcast Limmy’s World of Glasgow and his off-the-wall BBC sketch series Limmy’s Show. Now the surreal comedian has dropped a bizarre ode to one of the UK’s most distinctive chocolate bars, Fry’s Turkish Delight.

Limmy has taken the theme music to Fry’s popular vintage advertising campaign (below) – which featured awkward “Eastern” imagery to go alongside the iffy tune – and re-imagined it as a techno banger, complete with a spoken word section debating whether the divisive rose-flavored treat is good or bad [it’s obviously great – Vintage choc Ed].

Take a listen to the club-primed banger below and remember to check out Limmy’s Show on Netflix if you haven’t already.



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