Judge ruled there was insufficient evidence for a conviction.

London rapper Cbiz, real name David Osadebay, has been cleared of killing 27-year-old Oliver Tetlow in north-west London following a murder trial at the Old Bailey.

Cbiz, who had an underground hit last year with ‘The Game’s Mine’, was arrested in March for allegedly shooting Tetlow with a Skorpion submachine gun in a drive-by shooting on Church Road in Harlesden. Tetlow had been mistaken for a member of the Church Road Soldiers gang.

Along with co-defendant Mohamed Siamino, it was alleged that the pair carried out the attack as an act of revenge after gold jewellery was stolen by members of the Church Road gang. Osadebay had always denied any involvement.

IBT reports that the four-week trial collapsed on Tuesday (January 10) after the judge ruled there was insufficient evidence for a jury to convict Osadebay and Siamino.

According to IBT, the defence said cross-examinations of witnesses during the trial had “uncovered major holes in evidence, including that the alleged killers’ mobile phones, vehicles and social media accounts had been misidentified by the prosecution.” The police investigation continues.

Update, Jan 12: A previous version of this story stated that the jewellery robbery occurred at London venue Tape, based on the IBT report. A representative for Tape has reached out to FACT to dispute that the night club was where the inciting incident occurred: “That this did not happen at their venue. This was confirmed to the Police by our client.”



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