Steve Bicknell and Veronica Vasicka will also be performing at the event in March.

Surgeon and Regis will bring the British Murder Boys back to life for their first UK date in six years.

The techno titans are set to play London’s Oval Space on March 25, with support from another two greats – Steve Bicknell and Veronica Vasicka.

Anthony ‘Surgeon’ Child and Karl ‘Regis’ O’Connor played their last show as the British Murder Boys in Tokyo back in 2013, capturing the performance on the Live in Japan DVD, with a compilation album dropping the following year. Watch the trailer for the live DVD below.

Speaking to FACT a few years back, Regis explained how BMB came about: “In 2002 both Tony and myself decided that we had to explore new areas and finally commit to a collaborative project,” he recalls.

“We already had an eight year history of working together at that stage, and reckoned we had the experience to make something we felt to be unique – something other than the stock two-producers-bang-out-another-club-track vinyl ashtray. Sonically we both knew that we wanted to produce giant slabs of music rather than just tracks for clubs.”

Tickets for the show are available from the Oval Space site.

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