Anyone who has seen The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie remembers when [SPOILER ALERT] SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick Starfish are trapped in a gift shop to be turned into dried out souvenirs.

In a surprisingly sobering moment, the two children’s characters accept death with a gentle acceptance which couldn’t be sadder — that is until someone thought to play Radiohead over it.

‘Exit Music (For A Goober)’ pairs the devastating closing theme to Romeo + Juliet (and one of OK Computer’s highest peaks) with the SpongeBob climax with hilarious poignancy. The opening strums kick in just as the villainous “Cyclops” diver catch our heroes with Thom Yorke’s opening vocals of “wake from your sleep” hitting later just as the pair awaken in their fishbowl prison. (“Fishbowl prison” would be a great lyric, Thom — Ed.)

It continues from there as lyrics about “the drying of your tears” and “keep breathing” match up with the gasping character’s final moments. Even the song’s iconic drum crash climax matches with their transformation into a live action dried sponge and starfish.

Watch it below. We have no idea why someone thought of this but we’re so glad they did.

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