“Amateur space jazz” makes up the producer’s first album under the name in six years.

Though the ever-prolific Danny Wolfers is best known as Legowelt, he’s returned to his lesser known ambient moniker Smackos for a new album.

As he promises in a funny infomercial-style teaser, Vampire Goes West collects “14 professional ambient bangers” that are “recorded using only the most arcane, dusty production techniques available to mankind”.

Wolfers has been busy as always recently. Late last year, he released free emulation of his own TR-808 for Ableton Live and unveiled the fourth edition of his Order of the Shadow Wolf cyberzine.

Vampire Goes West is available on cassette and CD, as well as digitally, January 24. Listen to the teaser below and look for it via Legowelt’s Nightwind Records.


01. ‘Ik heb Geen Zin Om Braaf Te Leren’
02. ‘One Day We Will Trip Out From Star To Star’
03. ‘Slow Tape Life’
04. ‘A Singing Giraffe On A Drizzly Town Square’
05. ‘The Fire That Will Always Burn In You’
06. ‘Vaporos Complex’
07. ‘Naar Buiten Voor Een VlaFlip’
08. ‘Iwo Jima Drug Muppet’
09. ‘Irv Treibel A Possible Fellow Vampire’
10. ‘Picnic in A Multiverse Cassette’
11. ‘Air Koryo Burger’
12. ‘1-1-17 Light In A Room’
13. ‘Dutch Castles M1 Splendour’
14. ‘Sunday Afternoon Synthesis Hobbyist’



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