The mayor responds following the city’s nightclub shooting.

Playa Del Carmen’s mayor has canceled all electronic music festivals in the city following the shooting at BPM Festival this weekend which led to at least five deaths and even more injuries.

As Resident Advisor points out, Mayor Torres Gómez said in a press conference that this would be the final BPM Festival and she has cancelled the Arena Festival which was due to take place next month.

“We want these events to go”, she said. “We won’t allow one more.”

The shooting took place during a BPM event at the Blue Parrot venue in the early morning hours of January 16 resulting in the deaths of two security workers, several patrons and one woman, who was crushed in the stampede to escape the venue. It is not being investigated as a terror attack, but as Reuters points out, there is speculation that it was related to drug cartel violence.



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