“It was a complete coincidence,” says Skrillex.

Yesterday, Skrillex unleashed the first new track with his old emo band From First to Last in a decade, ‘Make War’.

The single artwork depicts the image of a peach wrapped in barbed wire, which some fans have pointed out shares striking similarities with the cover for Peach by San Francisco punks Culture Abuse. The band later took to social media to highlight the resemblance.


Posted by Culture Abuse on Sunday, January 15, 2017

Skrillex has responded to the allegations on Twitter, explaining that he was “unaware” of Culture Abuse’s cover art and calling it “a complete coincidence”.

“We would never disrespect or appropriate another artist’s work,” he says on behalf of his band. See the full statement below.

From First To Last formed in 1999 and released five albums before going on hiatus in 2010. Skrillex, aka Sonny Moore, provided vocals for two of the band’s albums Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count, in 2004 and Heroine in 2006, before leaving the band in 2007 to pursue a solo career.

It’s as yet unknown if more new music from FFTL is on the way or if the group intend to tour.



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