Thug never showed up to the shoot after his Instagram account was hacked.

Young Thug has dropped a new video for ‘Wyclef Jean’ that only features the rapper for a few seconds, after the $100k shoot was derailed by Thug arriving late, then refusing to get out of his car because his “Instagram account was hacked.” The few seconds in which he does appear in the video, he is eating Cheetos.

Instead of abandoning the project after Thug failed to show up, co-director Ryan Staake instead completed a snarky cut that shows how the video “fell apart.” Recordings of Thug detailing his ideas for the video, which stipulated a Beverly Hills location, “cars that little kids drive” and children in police outfits, among other demands, are played over the top of the track, accompanied by text that further explains how the shoot turned into an expensive catastrophe for label 300 Entertainment.

The result is one of the most memorable, hilarious videos we can remember. The label and artist, presumably seeing the funny side, have dropped the video anyway – something which Staake suggests at the end of the clip he can’t believe they “somehow allowed to happen.” Watch it below.

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