“We don’t want your tiny hands, anywhere near our underpants!”

For anyone protesting against Donald Trump at the Women’s March in Washington and London on Saturday, Fiona Apple‘s got your rallying cry sorted.

Apple’s new track ‘Tiny Hands’ is primed for the protest. Kicking off with a sample of Trump’s infamous “grab them by the pussy” quote and featuring military-style drums, it contains the chant-ready line: “We don’t want your tiny hands, anywhere near our underpants.”

The song was recorded on a phone with composer Michael Whalen – listen below, and ready your lungs.

Apple has been pretty vocal about her dislike of Donald Trump’s body parts. In December, the US artist released a parody of Nat King Cole’s holiday classic ‘The Christmas Song,’ which she titled ‘Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire’ and that month performed at a Standing Rock benefit concert in LA.



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