French MPC boss Big Dope P and London visual artist Rachel Noble link up.

Big Dope P has always played in his own lane. His Moveltraxx label has been dishing out relentless club cuts for over a decade, and last year’s Off The Bottle EP on Local Action expanded his own discography to new territory.

He capped off 2016 with his Downa Ride EP, two tracks inspired by the southern districts of Paris where he grew up. For the title track’s video, he brought in London artist and Local Action collaborator Rachel Noble, whose saturated landscapes have adorned sleeves by Yamaneko and Visionist.

“I started with the design for the EP and built from there, using the estate as a starting point,” says Noble. “I wanted to make a journey which felt like driving around at night on the way to the club, a coming together of the two worlds Big Dope P is a part of, keeping the visuals dynamic and not too restricted to a solid narrative.”

The flashing lights and Noble’s focus on movement and colour create a shiny spectacle that fits just right with the vibrant track.

Watch the video above and grab Big Dope P’s Downa Ride EP.



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