Staake says he realized about halfway through the day that “it was pretty much gone.”

Yesterday, Young Thug dropped a new video for ‘Wyclef Jean’, but he only appears in it for a few seconds – the $100k shoot was derailed by Thug arriving late. Instead of giving up on the project, co-director Ryan Staake created a hilarious cut that shows how everything “fell apart,” but now it’s emerged that he had “no idea” his video was actually being released.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Staake – who is the founder of the Brooklyn-based production company Pomp&Clout – explains that he was working late in the office on Monday night when he discovered the video had come out.

“I honestly had no idea that this thing was coming out until it came out. I had a sense that, ‘OK, I’ve delivered it, they’ve paid the final invoice, things seem good,’ but based on the way things had gone, I wasn’t really ready to get my hopes up.”

“The reaction since then has been really positive and it’s been exciting to see,” he continues, before adding that other directors have been responding to the video with “similar horror stories.”

Staake says he realised about “midway through” the day, around the time that the BBQ was starting, that “it was pretty much gone.”

He hazards a guess that the reason the label accepted it was because “they were so far down this path at this point, to bail on it would have been even more wasteful than even the initial debacle.”

Read the full interview here and if you haven’t seen the video yet – watch it below.



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