The Leeds producer continues to live up to the hype.

Techno wunderkind Happa has blown us away with every successive 12″ since dropping his sizzling bass monster ‘Beat of the Drum’ as a precocious 15-year-old in 2012.

Following last year’s ferociously good ‘Blackberreh!’, the Against The Clock champion has just announced the third 12″ on his own PT/5 label, led by the electro-infused ‘Bum Trance’.

As well as being 2017’s best track title to date, it’s a head-spinning slab of technoise that manages to stay light on its feet throughout, playing with horror synths and video game melodies in a strangely cinematic fusion, something like Drexciya doing battle with Fuck Buttons. It’s an experience.

On the flip is ‘Hallucinations’, which he first teased in radio sets back in 2015. The 12″is out tomorrow, January 20, with pre-orders available now. It’s set to be the first of a trio of releases from Happa this year.

Happa’s cassette-mangling Against The Clock was one of the greatest ever – watch him turn live samples into weird ambient loops and finally a dark and murky beat.



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