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Watch the souped-up Stylophone Gen X-1 in action at NAMM 2017

Cheap as chips and noisy as fuck.

Dubreq have given FACT a glimpse at the new Stylophone Gen X-1 at Californian music tech expo NAMM 2017. Priced at £60/$70, the Gen X-1 – scheduled for release in May – is a souped-up version of the instrument that first launched in 1968.

Described by Dubreq managing director John Simpson as “a portable, analogue synth great for beginners to understand some of the core features of a synth,” the Gen X-1 adds an LFO with square and triangle waves, two sub octaves and PWM, a filter and a delay to the classic Stylophone model. “Because it’s portable, people can wonder around with it and create some crazy noises,” Simpson added while giving us a hands-on preview of the instrument in action.

It’s not all change, however – the original Stylophone’s soundstrip, stylus operation, built-in speaker and battery operation are still here. Watch the instrument in action above and sign up on the Dubreq website for more –those who order early are able to get 20% off the retail price.

Stay tuned for more from NAMM all week on FACT.

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