The prize for rowdiest track of 2017 so far has a winner.

Aussie producer Mall Grab has been behind most of the bossiest dancefloor moments of the past couple of years, ever since his simple-but-deadly ‘Feel U’ dropped on Collect-Call.

Following EPs for 1080p, Unknown To The Unknown and his own Steel City Dance Discs imprint, Jordon Alexander returns to DJ Haus’s ever-excellent Hot Haus Recs next month for an EP containing some of his biggest jams yet.

The functionally titled Pool Party Music brings anthemic horns on the rowdy opener, while Haus tells us to expect “low-slung crunk-houz” on ‘B.F.O.D.A.A.S.’. The EP wraps with the dreamy melody and ruff drums of ‘Catching Feelings’, which contains a little treat for OutKast fans.

Pool Party Music is out on February 4, with pre-orders available now on Bandcamp, but we doubt they’ll last long.



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