He faces misdemeanor charges, as well.

Soulja Boy’s December arrest in his Hollywood Hills home for probation violation has resulted in two felony charges, TMZ reports.

The District Attorney’s office in LA County has charged the rapper, born DeAndre Way, with felony possession of an assault weapon (a Mini Draco AR-15, which is illegal in the state of California) and for possessing a firearm as a prior felon.

TMZ also reports that one of the firearms seized in Soulja Boy’s December arrest was stolen from a police car, so the Atlanta rapper has been also been charged with a misdemeanor for receiving stolen property. If he is convicted, he could face up to four years in jail.

Soulja Boy has recently been in the news for an upcoming boxing match against Chris Brown that was organized by 50 Cent. No word on whether he still plans to go through with the fight in light of these charges.



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