If you have the studio space and a lot of money, you can own a piece of synth history.

The vintage ARP 2500 modular was the first synth to be made by ARP Instruments back in 1970. They’re not easy to get hold of nowadays, but if you really want one, you can have one – for a price.

An eBay listing has appeared for an ARP 2500 in “superb condition,” but the starting bid is $249,000. It comes with the original wooden cabinet and you’ll even get the original owners’ manual. According to the seller, it works fine but “some modules might need calibration.”

Given the size of the ARP 2500, the seller isn’t offering international shipping – though we’d advise not getting something like this shipped anywhere if you want to make sure it makes it home safely.

Unlike most modular synthesizers, which use patch cables, the ARP 2500 features a matrix switch system to manage signal routings. It’s something that was revived in modified form for Arturia’s recent MatrixBrute synth, which is equally gigantic.

You can check out the ARP 2500 listing at eBay, but you’ve only got until February 1 to register your interest. So far it’s yet to receive any bids.

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