Major keys for Keys.

DJ Khaled will serve as Alicia Keys’ advisor when The Voice returns for its 12th season next month.

Keys praised her new recruit – who does not sing – for bringing some “diversity” to the show. “I feel like it’s so incredible to have the diversity that I’m able to bring to the show, especially through Khaled,” she said in an interview with Extra.

“It’s not just about being a great performer, it’s about being a personality, for the energy that you bring to come out,” she added. “I think that is what Khaled does very naturally.”

Khaled agreed, saying: “If the room is dark, I’m the light bulb.”

The Major Key artist isn’t the only big name joining the series, with John Legend being brought in as an advisor to Adam Levine, Celine Dion teaming up with judge Gwen Stefani, and country star Luke Bryan advising Blake Shelton.

Khaled recently published a self-help bookThe Keys, offering nuggets of wisdom like “be honest but don’t play yourself” and “don’t drive your jet ski in the dark”.

Keys recently teamed up with Kaytranada for a new track, ‘Sweet F’in Love’.



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