The track comes from Sakamoto’s solo debut LP of the same name.

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s classic track ‘Thousand Knives’ is getting a 7″ reissue on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour label.

Originally featured on his 1978 album of the same name, ‘Thousand Knives’ will come backed with another album track, ‘Plastic Bamboo’.

The album was released in the same year as the debut from Yellow Magic Orchestra, in which Sakamoto played keys. ‘Thousand Knives’ went on to become a YMO staple, and the 1980 live version was one of the first recorded instances of Roland’s TR-808 drum machine.

The record is being released as part of the Amsterdam record shop’s series of Japanese rarities, which has so far seen music from Ryo Kawasaki, Eri Ohno and Ruriko Ohgami released on 7″ format.

Rush Hour is also reissuing Pecker’s Japanese reggae album Pecker Power as part of the same series, an LP that features Sly & Robbie, Minako Yoshida and Augustus Pablo.

Both records will be released on April 22 to coincide with Record Store Day. Listen to ‘Thousand Knives’ below.

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