The saga continues.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement wasn’t just news for her fans, it was also news for the Coachella organizers, who had no idea she was expecting even though she is set to headline two weeks of their festival in April.

According to TMZ, Goldenvoice, the company that produced Coachella, are concerned about Bey’s secrecy, recalling that her first pregnancy was risky and required bedrest.

Beyoncé is now 35, expecting two babies and could allegedly be four or five months along already, which would make her at least six months pregnant at festival time. (Beyoncé has not yet disclosed how far along she is.)

Sources close to the situation brought up Axl Rose’s use of a throne (which he borrowed from Dave Grohl…) at last year’s Coachella so he could still appear despite a broken foot as a reference for how the situation could be handled.

TMZ also reports that while Bey is slated to make upwards of $1M for her two weekend headlining slots, that she could also still get the same payout through an insurance policy if she is unable to perform.

According to a copy of an insurance policy TMZ obtained, she could still get paid in full for “incapacity” which could include a high-risk pregnancy.



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