Over 400 artists and labels pledge donations today.

Labels and artists including Hyperdub, Sub Pop, Four Tet and RVNG Intl. have joined Bandcamp in pledging all their profits today to the American Civil Liberties Union.

While most of the listed pages will follow Bandcamp’s lead to pledge 100% of today’s profits to the ACLU, some have done variations.

Post-rock mainstays Pelican have pledged proceeds to Doctors Without Borders, indie rockers Pinegrove have pledged to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Merge Records will pledge and match what they make, essentially doubling their donation.

Most impressively, Xiu Xiu have pledged to donate and match 100% of their Bandcamp proceeds for the entirety of Donald Trump’s 4-year term.

Read the full list of participants via Bandcamp and read our latest feature for 33 essential albums to add to your shopping list.

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