The official alternative to Apple’s AirPods arrives this week.

Apple has confirmed that its new BeatsX wireless earphones will be released worldwide this Friday (February 10), the second Bluetooth earbuds from the company since it ditched the iPhone headphone jack last year.

Initially revealed at the launch of the iPhone 7 last September, the BeatsX wireless earphones are the company’s official alternative to its AirPods, which finally launched in December after a lengthy delay.

While Apple’s AirPods are completely wireless, BeatsX are connected via a cord that holds them round your neck when you’re not using them – handy considering Apple’s AirPods have a habit of falling out and getting lost.

Available in white, gray, black and blue, BeatsX connect to both Android and iOS over Bluetooth. They include an Apple W1 chip for easy pairing with iOS devices and a “fast fuel” function, which provides two hours of playback after five minutes of charging.

The BeatsX headphones also have magnetic clips built in that Apple claims keeps them from getting tangled when they’re not in use. If they work successfully, they could be worth the price whether you care about switching to wireless headphones or not.

If you’re price-conscious, Apple’s BeatsX headphones are also a little less expensive than AirPods. The US price is $149.95 compared to $159.00, with the UK price £129.95 against to AirPods’ £159.00.

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