A duophonic synthesizer for the price of a tank of gas.

Zeppelin Design Labs’ latest release is a Stylophone-influenced mini synthesizer that boasts a hackable Arduino system and duophonic sound for an incredibly reasonable $39.

Called the Macchiato Mini Synth, it’s got a built in touch-sensitive keyboard, an on-board speaker and eight control knobs to shape your sounds – it gets interesting when you lift the hood, though. The tiny synth uses Mozzi’s sound synthesis library for Arduino, an open source platform that can be used to generate complex – even algorithmic – sounds.

There are two options for the Macchiato – the cheapest version is a kit that will require an evening of assembly (providing you’re over 13, kids) but you can also snag a pre-built one for $96. Both models can be ordered from the Zeppelin Design Labs store. [via Synthtopia]

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