The first album for Jan Anderzen in six years.

Finnish multimedia artist Jan Anderzen resumes his Tomutonttu guise for a new release on Alter.

Kevätjuhla, which translates as “Spring Celebration,” is Anderzen’s first release for the label following a split 7″ with Oneohtrix Point Never in 2010, ‘ALT02’, and his first full LP since 2011.

Over the past few years, the Tampere-based artist has been working on his visual art practice of painting and building installations, for which the music of Kevätjuhla was initially composed.

“Attempting to seek a bond between sound, the earth and organic matter, the installation Kevätjuhla was built as a listening station for the album,” reads the press release. “Sound was sent to speakers through cables that were sprouting like stems from a piece of dirt and a single coleus growing from the top.”

Hear the whimsical 8-bit clatter of ‘Hiukkasen Tahtiin’ below.

Another glimpse of the album is available via the video below, which was directed by Timo Marila. Kevätjuhla is out March 17 on Alter.


01. ‘Hiukkasen Tahtiin’
02. ‘Siunatut Jyvät’
03. ‘Operaatio Satamassa’
04. ‘Tihentyvästä Harpusta – Tarjous’
05. ‘Kuinka Yö’
06. ‘Kuinka Voin Auttaa’
07. ‘Tähtien Takku’
08. ‘Kuteen Valoon – Intro’
09. ‘Kuteen Valoon I – Lukin jalka’
10. ‘Kuteen Valoon II – Strobon salaisuus’
11. ‘Kuteen Valoon III – Jatkot taivaanrannassa’



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