Okay, man.

Big Sean still isn’t over Kendrick Lamar blowing him out of the water on his 2013 track ‘Control’, Rap Up points out.

Lamar’s unstoppable verse came up during Sean’s interview with The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105 station. After saying he can hold his own against any rapper, co-host Charlamagne interjects “Except for ‘Control’. Kendrick washed you on ‘Control’.”

“No he didn’t. Stop it. Stop it,” he says laughing. “How long ago was that? What year is this? And I still don’t feel like I got washed anyway, nigga.”

‘Control’ was one of the most talked about rap songs of 2013. Not only did Kendrick Lamar upstage Sean by calling him and every other throne-seeking male rapper out in his verse, ‘Control’ also included a new verse of the elusive Jay Electronica. It was hijacked from Sean on both ends.

Who are we kidding, revisit Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ below.



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