Turbo Grafx 16 is still in the works.

Pusha T discusses Kanye West’s new album, trying to talk him out of meeting Trump and why Clipse won’t reunite any time soon in a new interview with DC’s Fam In The Morning on 93.9 WKYS.

‘Ye’s workin’ on a new album,” he said while listing what’s in store for G.O.O.D. Music this year. He also confirmed Teyana Taylor would release a new album.

Though he doesn’t offer any other information about Kanye’s album, he does comment on West’s infamous meeting with Donald Trump.

“This is not the first thing me and Kanye disagree on — we disagree on a lot,” he said, adding that he tried to talk West out of the meeting originally. “He’s like ‘Bro, he’s in there. We either gotta communicate or we ain’t gonna be heard'”.

Later he addresses the possibility of a Clipse reunion, which he says isn’t in the cards, mainly because his brother No Malice doesn’t want to. He said the pair were offered a lot of money to reunite last year for the 10th anniversary of Hell Hath No Fury, but No Malice “tells me no each and every time.”

“That’s my brother and I love him,” he said. “And I love that he’s in a space where he’s happy and he can tell me ‘no’ to something like that. I support him every step of the way”

He also discusses campaigning with Hilary Clinton for prison reform, meeting Barack Obama and a very funny story where the friends of his godson didn’t know who Pusha T was after hearing him on a Tyler, The Creator track. [via Complex]



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