The Z-JAY is coming to a crowdfunding platform near you soon.

There are plenty of touchscreen apps for DJing, but have you ever wanted a folding three-screen setup? No? Well, it exists, and its creator is threatening to bring it to a crowdfunding platform soon.

As DJ TechTools reports, the Z-JAY consists of three touchscreens, which function as two decks and a mixer. It has also has 256GB of memory for storing tracks, Bluetooth for connecting headphones, two auxiliary outputs and built-in stereo speakers, because underpowered tablet speakers are perfect for rocking a party.

The Z-JAY is currently in prototype, but its creator Luidpro is hoping to have it on a crowdfunding platform by the end of June – despite not yet having a software solution. Instead, Luidpro says it will “license the software with one of the top DJ app developers in the market” should the campaign be successful. This approach probably won’t fill prospective buyers with confidence. If Luidpro doesn’t own the software, then what exactly is it selling? Three tablets connected to each other? If so, why not just use two iPads and a mixer to achieve the same result?

Using touchscreens to DJ isn’t bad in itself. iPhone apps such as Djay and Traktor prove it can work and that it can be fun, but would you want to construct a whole setup out of them? Probably not. There’s also the issue of price: the Z-JAY is expected to cost $700, with which you could comfortably buy an iPad and an inexpensive DJ controller, and still have change left over.

If for some reason you’re interested in buying one of these things, you can sign up to the mailing list at the Z-JAY website for updates. Assuming, that is, Jay-Z hasn’t sued the company first.

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