Listen to the gorgeous first track now.

Michigan-based trumpeter Justin Walter has unveiled his new album Unseen Forces, a full-length exploration of the EVI, a unique and rare wind-controlled analog synth.

Somewhere between a clarinet and a synthesizer, the Electronic Valve Instrument is the primary tool for Walter’s improvised soundscapes and sampled manipulations, a process he describes as “exploring melody through intuition.”

“When putting this music together I was often aware of feelings related to density, spacing, silence, and the sense of time pulling back on itself,” he explains in a statement. “Like trying to stretch a scene and pull on it in ways that distort it ever so slightly.”

For an idea of how beautiful and otherworldly Walter’s explorations are listen to the new song ‘It’s Not What You Think’ below and look for Unseen Forces April 21.


01. ‘1001’
02. ‘Unseen Forces’
03. ‘Sixty’
04. ‘End of Six’
05. ‘It’s Not What You Think’
06. ‘Isotope’
07. ‘Following’
08. ‘Soft Illness’
09. ‘Red Cabin’



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