The Wysing Forest producer adopts a new alias for his most “immediate” tracks in years.

Norfolk modular head Luke Abbott will go “back to basics” on a new EP for Gold Panda’s NOTOWN Recordings next month under the name Earlham Mystics.

After the meditative splendour of 2014’s Wysing Forest album, the Truth EP marks a return to the more beat-driven sound of his earlier releases like the brilliant Modern Driveway and Object Is A Navigator. It’s led by ‘Stolen Hearts’, described by Abbott as “me trying to make a pop track but not really being able to do it properly.”

“There’s a road near my new house called Earlham Road,” Abbott says of the inspiration for his new alias. “I dreamt one night soon after I moved there, that I visited a shop on that road which was full of these colourful glowing eggs, about the size of the dragon eggs in Game of Thrones, but glowing with blue and white light, the shop was called Earlham Mystics.”

The Truth EP is out on March 24 via NOTOWN Recordings.

Watch Abbott go Against The Clock on FACT TV.



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