A.I. Duet uses a neural network trained by machine learning to respond to the notes you play.

Google’s latest experiment in artificial intelligence is a virtual pianist that can respond to the notes you play and accompany you in a duet.

Rather than being built around a set of pre-programmed musical rules, AI Duet uses a neural network trained by machine learning, using its own knowledge of musical examples built up over time.

Developed by Yotam Mann from the Google Creative Lab’s open-source Magenta project, the browser-based program can be played using a mouse, computer keyboard or MIDI controller. Even if you have no skill, it’s still possible to mash the keyboard and get a coherent response from the AI.

Pianists shouldn’t worry about being being replaced by AI Duet just yet. Its responses still feel very random, creating melodies that are more improvisational than compositional. However, it’s still a fun way to practice piano if you’re on your own.

Try AI Duet here, and find the open-source project at Github. [via The Verge]

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