The open-source pink-0 will connect your analog gear to Ableton Link.

Developer Vincenzo Pacella has shared an open-source project that makes it possible to use Ableton Link with a modular synth.

Launched in 2015, Ableton Link allows iOS and desktop apps to sync wirelessly with each other and with any copies of Ableton Live running on the same network. It’s not available for hardware users, but Pacella’s pink-0 changes that.

The pink-0 uses an inexpensive Raspberry Pi Zero board, custom board and software scripts to create an Ableton Link-compatible gadget with outputs that send clock and reset signals to analog gear. It connects to a network over Wi-Fi or ethernet.

The device will keep in time with Ableton Live, and any of the other apps that now have Link support wirelessly, including Maschine, Traktor, Serato DJ, Reason, Launchpad for iOS, and Blocs Wave.

It doesn’t have MIDI support, but there’s already a workaround of sorts available for iOS. Link to MIDI is an app that will sync your synths and drum machines to a Link session, but only if you have the right cable to connect them to your iPhone or iPad.

It’s not possible to buy the pink-0, but if you’re looking for a DIY project Pacella has shared the schematics and code on his website. [via CDM]

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