The email marketing service is behind the Blood Orange mastermind’s new single.

Dev Hynes unveiled a new project earlier this month under the name VeilHymn, a collaboration with Bryndon Cook (who appeared on Freetown Sound, Hynes’ 2016 album as Blood Orange) which launched with a song called ‘Hymn’.

In seemingly unrelated news, this week FACT reported on WhaleSynth, an easy-to-use browser-based synth that creates whale song.

As Pitchfork reports, both are in fact connected to a marketing campaign from MailChimp, the email marketing service. A press release from the company names VeilHymn and WhaleSynth alongside “MailShrimp”, “KaleLimp”, “MaleCrimp” and more as “strategically created executions targeting digital subculture.”

A representative for Hynes confirmed that the ‘Hymn’ was created exclusively for the company, but corrected a claim in Advertising Age that the duo was “created” by MailChimp and ad agency Droga5, saying that Hynes and Cook have been collaborating on music “for years.”

VeilHymn and the other projects were launched “with the intention that people may organically come across one or two parts of the campaign, piquing their interest enough that they would want to dig deeper,” according to MailChimp.

The song’s press release and SoundCloud and YouTube descriptions did not address the MailChimp connection, although VeilHymn’s website includes a link to the company’s website. A director at MailChimp told Pitchfork: “We wanted to play it cool at first and let them each create intrigue and interest on their own.”



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