Nokia has unveiled its new version of the 3310, one of the most popular cell phones of all time.

As seen in photos from The Verge, the phone has the same bright colours and curves as the original model but is slimmer and lighter with a full color screen. Priced at a very reasonable $52, the phone runs Nokia’s Series 30+ software and has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera and a microSD slot.

It comes in glossy yellow and red and matte grey and dark blue models, and has a standby battery life of 25 days. Most importantly, it includes an updated version of the classic Snake game.

Photograph via: The Verge

The original 3310 was released back in 2000 and marked the moment that cell phones truly hit the mainstream. It also let you write your own ringtones – one FACT staffer claims to have programmed A Guy Called Gerald’s ‘Voodoo Ray’ into the little blue and silver box.

The humble Nokia 3310 has also been a favorite with the grime scene since the first wave – Skepta shouts it out on ‘I Spy’ and ‘Spaceship’, while Wiley gives it a nod on his ‘Step 8’ freestyle.



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