More controversy from the secondary ticketing website.

Viagogo is facing fresh criticism from customers, who claim that the secondary ticketing website has been trying to manipulate online reviews.

As the Guardian reports, just days after the company was accused of withholding thousands of pounds from customers who were accidentally overcharged, Viagogo sent emails to 37,000 customers offering them the chance to win an £85 voucher in exchange for posting a review on Trustpilot.

Founded in Denmark in 2007, Trustpilot publishes reviews by consumers for online businesses. Bizarrely, Viagogo customers who have received the email have largely been asked to leave reviews from years-old events, like the one below.

Members of the Victim of Viagogo private Facebook group, which was set up to support customers affected by the “glitch” that saw them pay over the odds, told the Guardian that none of its members had been contacted for review.

Group founder Claire Turnham, who is meeting with MPs this week to request that Viagogo be brought before a select committee, said: “I am not aware of anyone within our group who has been contacted by Viagogo and asked to provide a review to Trustpilot.

“Had they been, I am confident they would have shared how buying tickets through Viagogo has been a distressing, shocking and frustrating experience which they would advise anyone else to avoid.”

According to a Trustpilot spokesperson, Viagogo claims that it “accidentally” sent the requests for reviews, which are now being removed.

FACT has reached out to Viagogo for comment.



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