The real guy goes by “Mr. Wooky”.

The “Florida Man” meme has reached new heights, as the New York Daily News reports an FLA man named Lee Howard Koenig was arrested yesterday (February 28) for attempting to impersonate Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair.

Koenig was reportedly using Adair’s identity in order to purchase $25,000 in microphone equipment, which he attempted to have sent to his home in Florida under Adair’s name. According to the reports, a band representative reached out to Adair to confirm this purchase, which he denied.

Adair also seems to be a Sherlock of sorts, doing the internet research to find Koenig, himself. Police searched Koenig’s IP address in order to locate him and make the arrest.

A Facebook page for Koenig says he has worked a session musician for Saturday Night Live, Billy Joel and the Beach Boys – and that he goes by the name Mr. Wooky. You cannot make this stuff up.

Seriously, how many insane news stories will members of Nickelback have to be attached to for the rest of their lives?

[via Stereogum]



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