Here the first track from the mysterious singer.

Very little is known about Demen aka Swedish artist Irma Orm, who will release her debut album Nektyr on Kranky this spring.

Even the label recounts in their announcement how in the dark they’ve been since first receiving a handful of songs from an anonymous email address several years ago. After asking for more and receiving only a one word response (“Yes.”) they learned only a little more. She works alone and she works slowly. Now, years later, that debut album is finished.

After hearing Demen’s debut single it’s understandable that Kranky followed the mysterious artist for so long. ‘Niorum’ is a stunningly beautiful piece of music that brings to mind a ghostly, atmospheric take on Cocteau Twins’ dreamy majesty.

Nektyr is out in full May 19 via Kranky, but for now enjoy its opening track below.



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