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Roland’s Japanese headquarters in Hamamatsu isn’t just where the company develops its new synths, but the location of an exhaustive collection of the company’s classic gear as well.

This collection is referred to by Roland as a “private museum”, displaying Roland and BOSS instruments that date back to its foundation in 1972. It contains everything from the TR-808 to the company’s organ range, but it’s not open to the public.

However, Roland has created a virtual tour using YouTube’s 360-degree video technology, allowing anyone to go on a stroll past its System-700 modular, SH-101 synth, TB-303 and everything else in its vaults.

Roland has also made it possible to tour the museum using Google Street View, which is a lot better if you want to stop to take a longer look at some of the instruments.

The company has traditionally been reluctant to re-release classic gear, but in recent years it’s started looking back to its roots. Last year it reissued its iconic TR-909 drum machine and TB-303 synth in a new format. [via RA]

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