DJ without even touching a turntable.

You might remember the name Harmonix – the rhythm game studio developed the popular Rock Band franchise and has now partnered with Hasbro to dip its toes into the popular world of board games with an ambitious new project.

Dropmix is a card game where each card represents an element of a song. The cards contain NFC chips that contain a part of a familiar song, so you can theoretically blend one part of Meaghan Trainor’s iffy ‘All About That Bass’ with Carly Rae Jepson’s significantly less iffy ‘Call Me Maybe’.

<em>Rock Band</em> studio Harmonix announces DJ mash-up card game Dropmix

The cards are placed on a board that reads the song elements from five unique cards at a time, and will read the top card immediately to “remix” the elements and create a unique blend.

Of course, as you might expect with relatively fresh technology like this, the price tag is on the high side. A starter set will provide you with 60 cards (including plenty of songs from Rock Band 4) and costs a whopping $100. Once the game’s been released, Hasbro will be offering expansions of 16 cards for $15 and five cards for $5; a total of 300 cards will be released over the course of the year.

Dropmix will be released in September by Hasbro. [via The Verge]



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