Having a hard time naming your band? Just sit back and let the machines do it for you.

Amazon’s Alexa can play all your music from Spotify, read you the news and carry out more daily tasks using just your voice. However creepy, pointless or genius you may find the Echo device, it’s now offering something extra for the discerning music fan – a Band Name Generator.

Voice control is the latest development in home audio and if you own an iPhone with Siri, you’ll be familiar with the process. Just enable the generator on your device and tell Alexa to “name my band.” She will respond with a name, but if it’s not to your liking, tell her “that sucks,” and she’ll generate another.

If you hear a name you really like, tell Alexa “awesome name, thanks” and she’ll reply with: “I hope I helped. Your mom said you are very talented. I’m sure she’s right and your band rocks.” Hours of pointless fun. [via Pitchfork]

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