Analog Strings samples two string orchestras and vintage synthesizers.

Output has released Analog Strings, a new software plug-in that combines sampled orchestras and analog synths to create unusual hybrid string sounds.

Output sampled a 60-piece and 22-piece string orchestra at the BMC hall in Budapest for the instrument, as well as a few vintage synths known for their string sounds, covering everything from plucks and stabs to pads.

On top of its 39GB of samples and 500 presets, the new plug-in also includes dual tape loopers for creating Steve Reich-style effects and dual arpeggiators.

Analog Strings is the latest in a run of innovative plug-ins from the LA-based company, which has included bass synth Substance and Movement, a unique rhythm processor for adding motion to any sound.

Like the rest of Output’s plug-ins, Analog Strings has a simple, easy-to-use interface with macro controls that visualizes filter, rhythm tone and vibrato as four “strings” that can be easily adjusted with a slider.

Analog Strings is available now for $199 from the Output website. Find out how it works in the video tutorial below.

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