The serial murderer is “the ultimate outsider” according to the man behind the release.

Cult leader and serial murderer Charles Manson is to re-release some of his prison recordings to coincide with a new documentary about him.

Manson has spent decades trying to launch a music career. In his early days as a fringe LA musician he was briefly associated with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson. The band later charted with a cover of one of his songs. Later, Neil Young tried and failed to get him signed to Reprise Records.

Previously released under the names Saints Are Hell On Earth and Live At San Quentin, these recordings are described to Billboard as cleaner sounding, to be released as part of a more “tasteful package”, whatever the hell that means.

“With me, there’s a huge fascination with uncovering these lost nuggets,” says Malcolm Tent, the Connecticut record collector responsible for the release. “Especially from what’s come to be known as ‘outsider artists.’ I think Charles Manson is probably the ultimate outsider: He is nowhere near our society or our reality.”

Because Manson is not legally able to profit off these recordings, all proceeds from the release will go to his Air Trees Water Animals environmental charity. Founded by Manson and run by his close friend, the charity filed only $86 in 2015.

Take a look at the release below and learn more here.



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