The pair bonded over their shared love of vintage British synth the EMS Synthi.

Merzbow and Alessandro Cortini are joining forces for a new collaborative album.

Due out via Important Records on April 21, the self-titled 2xLP sees the former Nine Inch Nails band member and Japanese noise don cement their enthusiasm for early ’70s modular synth the EMS Synthi, “giving this classic synth a modern workout.”

Cortini is a noted synth aficionado, having mastered the Buchla modular system, while also using a variety of other instruments in his work over the years.

The Italian musician struck up a friendship with Don Buchla around the time he joined Nine Inch Nails in 2005. Taling FACT for a tribute piece to Don Buchla last year, he recalled his first experience with Buchla’s 2004 comeback synth 200e, explaining: I just found myself completely engulfed in this machine in a way that I have never experienced before.” [via RA]

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