Gear junkies: get ready to have even less money.

Discogs is expanding into the world of second-hand music production gear with the marketplace launch of its new Gearogs site next month.

The news was revealed by Discogs founder and CEO Kevin Lewandowski in an interview with Thump, and will be followed by marketplaces for films, books and comics.

“I’ve been focusing on what we call our meta-projects, like applying the Discogs concept to other things,” Lewandowski said. “We’ve started [a music gear database] Gearogs, because gear is so close to records. We’re launching a marketplace in April.”

Gearogs is already up and running as a database, but users will soon be able to buy and sell their unwanted synths, drum machines and more via the site. The owners want it to be “the largest database of audio equipment on the planet.”

“With your help we’ll list every turntable, audio recorder, amplifier, effects pedal, microphone, and every other piece of audio gear conceived,” the site says. “Any equipment that records, amplifies, mixes, or reproduces audio, belongs here.” [via The Vinyl Factory]

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