Also featuring Jehnny Beth of Savages.

Gorillaz announced their star-studded new album Humanz today and now you can hear one of the most unexpected guests, Noel Gallagher, on the new single ‘We Got The Power’.

Gorillaz-founder Damon Albarn often found his old band Blur pitted against Gallagher’s Oasis throughout the 1990s. Though the pair have had an prickly relationship over the years, they softened to each other over this past decade culminating with Albarn telling NME in 2014 that he wanted to record with Gallagher.

Though Gallagher denied the possibility of them recording previously, it finally happened with ‘We Got The Power’ which includes his vocals alongside Savages singer Jehnny Beth. The track appears as the closing track Humanz.

Learn a little more about their feud from this documentary excerpt below and look for Humanz April 28.



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