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FACT mix 594: Tin Man

An acid odyssey from Tin Man.

Growing up in California, Johannes Auvinen, better known as Tin Man, had a litany of musical influences when he was a child – from screeching rock to classic rap – but one particular sound always stood out: acid house.

Talking to Discogs in 2015, Auvinen explained that it was Phuture’s foundational ‘Acid Tracks’ that had set him on the path. “I was captivated by the ‘acidness’ of it,” he said. “Acid had a energy push that is constantly blooming.”

Since that formative experience, Auvinen has released a slew of albums and EPs and his most recent, 2.5 hour epic Dripping Acid, might be his best to date. It builds on the blueprints laid down by Richie Hawtin back in the Plastikman days – Auvinen seems less interested in cheap tricks and more driven by acid’s eerie, undulating isolation.

The debut Tin Man FACT mix is no different – here, Auvinen rattles through over an hour of tracks, showing a side to acid that’s often pushed beneath the surface and blending tracks from TM404, Porter Ricks, Matrixxman and more.


Inigo Kennedy – ‘Obsidion’
Evigt Mörker – ‘Nixa’
Abdulla Rashim – ‘Weldiya 2’
Matrixxman – ‘Rites’
F.U.S.E. – ‘Them’
Milton Bradley – ‘The Path To Mathematical Truth’
Function – ‘DX3 Analog Bass Seq’
Christian Wünsch – ‘Radioactive Decay’ (Tripeo Remix)
Peter Van Hoesen – ‘Attribute One’
Tozzy – ‘Anoat’
Woo York – ‘Contact Point’
Tozzy – ‘Endor’
Tin Man – ‘Underwater Acid’
Acronym – ‘Mu 1’
TM404 – ‘303/303/303/606/606’ (Dorisburg Remix)
Shifted – ‘More Static’
Kornel Kovacs – ‘Szikra’ (Abdulla Rashim Remix)
Porter Ricks – ‘Nautical Dub’
Wata Igarashi – ‘Night’



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