Kevin Drew says the Canadian crew’s new album is finally finished and will be out this fall.

Broken Social Scene have returned from a seven year hiatus with new track ‘Halfway Home’, the first single from their upcoming follow-up to 2010’s Forgiveness Rock Record album.

“It’s been 17 years together as a band, and you just pick up where you left off,” band leader Kevin Drew said on radio station Sirius XMU after the track’s premiere. “We’ve been working on this album on and off for the last year, and we thought that, since we’re an anthemic band, we wanted to bring the celebration with this first song.

“We wanted this to be unity, and we wanted this record to be all of us. And that’s what it is. At this time and in the state of the world as it is, the one thing we knew we could do is come back as friends,” he continued. “It was important for all of us to come together because it’s the only thing we can politically do at this moment in time.”

Check out the track and interview below. The group’s new album, confirmed to feature regular collaborator Feist, is out later this year.



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