Give yourself an extra set of hands in the studio.

A new company called Gibbon Digital has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Goliath, a tiny MIDI device that controls up to 16 functions from a single knob.

Goliath allows musicians to play notes on a synth with one hand, and control parameters like cutoff, resonance and delay with the other – something you’d need several pairs of hands to do on a regular MIDI controller.

The battery-powered device can work with anything MIDI-controlled, including drum machines and Eurorack modules. It’s also got a random note generator.

Goliath costs just €89 ($94). It’s already raised €1,725 of the €2,500 it needs to go into production, and is expected to ship in May 2017 if successful.

See what it can do with a Moog Little Phatty in the video below.

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