He was quickly pursued by police on jet skis.

Terry Peck is an aspiring Australian rapper who goes by 2pec, but he’s now better known for an especially elaborate dine and dash. After ringing up a $600 bill at Gold Coast seafood restaurant Omeros Bros., he fled to the sea before paying, BBC reports.

Peck was caught by police on jet skis and claimed he ran to help a pregnant friend who was in labor on the beach. He also argued that the lobster he ate was overcooked and overpriced.

“I couldn’t find [my friend] and I was going to pay the bill if I found my wallet, but I lost everything,” he told police according to The Courier Mail.

Peck appeared at Southport Magistrate’s Court today on two counts of obstructing police and one count of stealing. He was granted bail on the condition he reside at a property in the area and not return to the restaurant. According to court reports, Peck consumed two lobsters, a baby octopus, 21 vodka oyster shots and “a number of Coronas”.

“Oh god! By himself?” Magistrate Joan White reportedly exclaimed.

Listen to some of 2pec’s music below.



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