Nine of his 12 studio albums are no longer available to hear on Spotify.

Jay Z has taken most of his solo back catalogue off Spotify and Apple Music, leaving only his first three records, R. Kelly and Linkin Park collaborations and a scattering of singles currently available to stream on the music platforms.

According to a statement made to The VergeSpotify said the removal came “at the request of the artist.”

The Reasonable Doubt artist is part owner of Tidal – a music streaming service that competes with Apple, Spotify, and Amazon. Jay Z bought Tidal in 2014 to give his peers a greater share of the proceeds from streaming services.

Jay Z’s albums have been pulled from rival streaming services before. After Tidal re-launched in 2015, Jay Z removed his debut LP, Reasonable Doubt, from all platforms except for Tidal, while last year his Blueprint series was also removed from streaming services.



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