The legendary singer rarely performs and never has appeared live in the US.

Coachella doesn’t think much of Kate Bush, as a New Yorker profile on festival curator and Goldenvoice CEO Paul Tollett reveals he turned down the chance to book her first US performance ever because “nobody is going to understand it”.

While the profile calls Tollett “the great impresario of our time”, an anecdote from Marc Geiger, the head of music at the William Morris Endeavour agency, suggests he might not know as much as he thinks.

“I’ll say, ‘Kate Bush!’ And [Tollet’ll] go, ‘No!,’ and we’ll talk through it. I’ll say, ‘She’s never played here, and she just did 30 shows in the UK for the first time since the late seventies. You gotta do it! Have to!’ ‘No! No one is going to understand it,’” he says.

Kate Bush did indeed play 22 (sold out) shows in the UK last year marking her first since the late seventies. She also has never performed in the United States, ever. She has also released 25 Top 40 UK singles, including her first, ‘Wuthering Heights’, which debuted at No. 1 when she was 19. She is the first British solo female artist to top the UK charts, as well as the first woman ever to enter the charts at No. 1. She has been praised by artists across generations and genres from Prince to Björk to St. Vincent to Tupac Shakur. She is Outkast-founder Big Boi’s “dream collaboration”.

At what point does she qualify as something people “understand”?

Revisit a few of Kate Bush’s many classics below.

Update: A spokesperson for Bush has emailed: “The [2014] show was conceived for a very specific type of venue. No discussions were ever had with Kate about playing any festival, including Coachella.”



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