Sounwave produced seven of its total 14 tracks, with James Blake also credited.

Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN. dropped today, with features by Rihanna, U2 and rising star Zacari. Now, the production list has been revealed, with Mike Will Made It  and Sounwave featuring heavily.

Adele producer Greg Kurstin also makes an appearance in the credits to Kendrick’s untitled unmastered follow-up, with BadBadNotGood named as producers on ‘LUST.’ and James Blake listed as a writer and producer on fourth track ‘ELEMENT.’

Not listed in the album credits is a sample used throughout the album of Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera condemning Kendrick’s BET Awards performance of ‘Alright’ in 2015, in which the host claims “hip-hop has done more damage to young African-Americans than racism in recent years.” The sample features on opener ‘BLOOD.’, the Mike Will Made It-produced ‘DNA.’ and is alluded to on ‘YAH.’

Check out the full credits below.

01. ‘BLOOD.’

Composer(s): Anthony Tiffith, K. Duckworth, D. Tannenbaum
Producer(s): Bekon, Anthony Tiffith

02. ‘DNA.’

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, M. Williams II
Producer(s): Mike Will Made It

03. ‘YAH.’

Composer(s): D. Natche, Anthony Tiffith, K. Duckworth, M. Spear
Producer(s): Anthony Tiffith, DJ Dahi, Bekon, Sounwave

04. ‘ELEMENT.’

Composer(s): R. Riera, J. Blake, K. Duckworth, M. Spears
Producer(s): Bekon, James Blake, Ricci Riera, Sounwave, Tae Beast

05. ‘FEEL.’

Composer(s): M. Spears, K. Duckworth
Producer(s): Sounwave

06. ‘LOYALTY.’ [Feat. Rihanna]

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, D. Natche, Anthony Tiffith, M. Spears, T. Martin
Producer(s): Terrace Martin, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Anthony Tiffith

07. ‘PRIDE.’

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, A. Wise, Anthony Tiffith, S. Lacy
Producer(s): Bekon, Anthony Tiffith, Steve Lacy

08. ‘HUMBLE.’

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, A. Hogan, Michael L. Williams II
Producer(s): Mike Will Made It

09. ‘LUST.’

Composer(s): M. Spears, K. Duckworth, C. Hansen, D. Natche, A. Sowinski, M. Tavares L. Whitty
Producer(s): Sounwave, DJ Dahi, BadBadNotGood

10. ‘LOVE.’ [Feat. Zacari]

Composer(s): Z. Pacaldo, T. Walton, Anthony Tiffith, M. Spears, G. Kurstin, K. Duckworth
Producer(s): Sounwave, Teddy Walton, Greg Kurstin, Anthony Tiffith

11. ‘XXX.’ [Feat. U2]

Composer(s): D. Natche, L Mullen, P. Hewson, A. Clayton, K. Duckworth, D. Evans, M. Spears, M. Williams, II, Anthony Tiffith
Producer(s): Mike Will Made It, Anthony Tiffith, Bekon, DJ Dahi, Sounwave

12. ‘FEAR.’

Composer(s): K. Duckworth, D. Maman
Producer(s): The Alchemist

13. ‘GOD.’

Composer(s): M. Spears, R. Riera, D. Tannenbaum, K. Duckworth, D. Natche, R. LaTour, Anthony Tiffith
Producer(s): Cardo, Ricci Riera, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Anthony Tiffith, Bekon


Composer(s): K. Duckworth, P. Douthit
Producer(s): 9th Wonder, Bekon



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